Lake Sevan Problems: Hydroenergy and Violation of
19:32 April 11, 2018 | Sevan | Gegharkunik
The main challenges for Lake Sevan are additional water intakes and hydropower, which violate the "green" rights of the residents in Lake Sevan communities, as Gavar-based "Blejan" NGO President Liana Asoyan said at the conference entitled “Energy Projects and Violations of Human Rights in South Caucasus” held in Tbilisi
HRD Suggests Ensuring Implementation of Inspections at
18:54 April 11, 2018 | Mining | Lori
Ore mining and dressing are accompanied with different toxic chemicals and heavy metals with the pollution of working and natural environment, which adversely impact the environment. All this disturbs the preservation of the people's health, particularly risks related with environment and population health
Monitoring Findings of
18:12 April 09, 2018 | Small HPPs, Energy | Vayots dzor
In the frames of "Supporting New Reforms in SHPP Sector through CSO-Government Dialogue" project, the expert group visited "Jermuk-1" SHPP which is located in the administrative area of Sarnakunq residential area of
Real Owners of Metallic Mines To Be Revealed in Armenia
14:21 April 09, 2018 | Officials
In 2020 society will learn the names of real owners of the metallic mines in Armenia. The executive has approved “Action Plan Needed To Reveal Real Owners of Metallic Mining Companies in Armenia”, which has been developed in the frames of introducing the EITI
Weather Forecast in Armenia
12:37 April 09, 2018 | Weather
On 9-10 April, at night of 11 no precipitation is predicted. In the evenings of April 11-14 in most regions from time to time rain

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