Minister's Explanations Make Situation Tangled
16:22 February 03, 2014 | Officials | Ararat | Armavir
Annually 928,000 sq m/s water is taken from the underground basin of Ararat Valley, as Nature Protection Minister Aram Harutyunyan stated at the press conference held on 31 January thus denying the information about...
ANPP Power Unit N 2 To Be Prepared in 2014
10:58 January 10, 2014 | Nuclear Energy | Armavir
According to the official information, the equipment, buildings and premises of the power unit N2 of the ANPP will undergo scrutiny and the remaining resources will be assessed in...
Armavir Villagers Again Blocked Road
15:23 June 24, 2013 | SOS | Armavir
A short while ago EcoLur learnt that the villagers from Nairi and Myansikyan communities, Armavir Region, blocked the main road running to their villages thus hindering to the free traffic...
Armenian Government to Aid Community Residents Suffered from Hail
19:29 May 23, 2013 | Officials | Armavir
The Armenian Government will aid the community residents who have suffered from the hail. On May 23 the Armenian government made a decision to add the number of anti-hail stations and to include them in the total location...
PM: Armenia Won’t Refuse from New Nuclear Power Plant
18:36 May 20, 2013 | Nuclear Energy | Armavir
Armenia won’t refuse from the new nuclear power plant, stated RA PM Tigran Sargsyan at the National Assembly on 20 May answering to MP Naira Karapetyan’s question. Under the ...
Aram Gabrielyan: Hail Should Be Struggled and Not Accustomed
17:23 May 20, 2013 | SOS | Armavir
This year the hail caused heaviest damage to Armavir Region on 12 and 17 May, where 46 families incurred damage from the hail on 12 May, while the damage caused from the hail of 17 May is still being...

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