SOS: Garni Gorge Jeopardized
19:43 December 10, 2014 | SOS | Kotayk
Garni Gorge is under the threat of getting extinct, as Garni villagers, Kotayk Region, are beating an alarm signal. The reason is the construction
Garni Residents Complaining Against SHPP
13:47 December 10, 2014 | SOS | Kotayk
Right now we received an alarm signal from Garni villagers, who have walked out to express their complaint. Today, on December 10, at 14:00, Garni villagers
Who Bears Responsibility for Flooding Villages with Water from Lake Sevan?
16:02 September 30, 2014 | Sevan | Gegharkunik | Kotayk
In regard with the emergency – flooding of houses and agricultural land areas in Jrarat Village, Kotayk Region, and Ddmashen, Gegharkounik Region, because of unprecedented water out lets from Lake Sevan, EcoLur addressed an enquiry to Vahe Hakobyan, Chairman of the State Committee on Water Industry. The enquiry says
“AM-ESKA” LLC To Deal with Tire Recycling
14:22 July 02, 2014 | Officials | Kotayk
The government will issue a license to “AM-ESKA” LLC for the recycling, neutralization, transportation and installation of hazardous wastes. The executive will adopt this decision at
Dangerous To Access Forest
13:53 June 24, 2014 | Forest | Aragatsotn | Kotayk | Vayots dzor
To avoid any poisoning 25 days after the end of the chemical measures, it’s strictly prohibited for people and animals to access...

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