Forest Problems in Armenia and Georgia with Eyes of Experts
19:11 October 05, 2016 | Forest | Yerevan
How forest sector is managed in Armenia and Georgia, to what extent near-forest community population is dependent on forest and what priority reforms are needed to be carried out to improve the state of forests
Problems of Forests: Official Information
13:27 October 04, 2016 | Forest | Yerevan
We are presenting the official data on the most urgent issues in forest sector. As the presentation made by Chief Forester and Deputy Director of “ArmForest” SNCO Ruben Petrosyan shows, starting from
Landfill Site To Be Constructed on Forest Lands In Yerevan
16:22 September 05, 2016 | Officials | Yerevan
The Armenian Government took 24.42 ha from Armforest to construct a new landfill site. The resolution was adopted on 2 September 2016. It’s planned to project and develop a new landfill site in line with European standards in the area
Weather Forecast in Armenia, 5 Day Weather Forecast
17:32 August 12, 2016 | Weather | Yerevan
On August 13-17 high temperature, as well as a high risk of fire is predicted in the valleys and foothills of the republic. It is recommended to avoid physical activity and direct sunlight.
NGOs Demanding from National Assembly To Convene Extraordinary Meeting
15:27 July 28, 2016 | Dialog with officials | Yerevan
Hereby we, signatories of civil society organizations, condemn the National Assembly’s inexcusable and unacceptable negligence, and call upon the National Assembly to exercise its constitutional right to convene a special parliamentary session

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