Daranak Residents Don’t Have Positive Expectations from "Daranak" SHPP construction

Daranak Residents Don’t Have Positive Expectations from "Daranak" SHPP construction



The Daranak River is one of the rivers flowing into Lake Sevan, its length is 6.5 km. The total catchment area makes up 22.2 km2. The river rises from Karakhach top of Sevan mountain range at height of 3063 meters.
Many fish species grow in the Daranak River and its tributaries like trout, beghlu etc.
“Daranak” SHPP is being constructed on this river by “Vardenis Regional Union of Agroservice” CJSC and is the main source of irrigation.
In 2013 EcoLur’s journalists held a sociological survey in the community to find out the impact of the SHPP on the community. 
In Daranak Community 10 out of 15 surveyed on 'Daranak’SHPP opposed the SHPP construction, five people backed it.Seven people are convinced that SHPP operation will affect on their water supply and they will experience problems with irrigation water. Five people don’t exclude adversary impact, three people noted that such problems won’t arise if SHPP is operated within standards. None of the surveyed thought the SHPP will affect positively on the water: four people were convinced that water quality will deteriorate, 6 think water quality deterioration is possible. None of the surveyed is sure that their harvest won’t harm from the SHPP construction, while 10 people are convinced that they will face serious problems. In reply to the question on fish reserve reduction, 6 people replied there is no fish in the river, 4 people are convinced it will reduce, 5 people find it difficult to answer. During the survey it was found out that 8 people were promised to be employed, 3 people had no idea who the site developer is. Only 2 surveyed had positive expectations from SHPP construction and though their life quality will improve. 10 people are convinced SHPP construction will cause new emigration.

13:05 April 30, 2014


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