Conservatory Students In Support of Khosrov Reserve

Conservatory Students In Support of Khosrov Reserve


The students of vocal department of State organized a concert Conservatory in support of “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve. The concert was held at the Center for Arts after Narekatsi on 1 December. The vocalists performed the works of Armenian, Russian and Western European composers. The hall was full of public protecting Khosrov from poachers, opposing to illegal constructions, beating alarms about violations in the reserve system. The concert was accompanied with a photo exhibition dedicated to Khosrov Reserve and its unique nature, where the problems were also reflected. EcoLur took part in the photo exhibition and presented authoring photos. The photos depict underconstructed restaurant complex in the center of Khosrov, construction works of the highway leading to Havouts Tar Monastery located in the territory of the reserve. EcoLur presents these photos to its readers as well.

The concert and photo exhibition was organized by a student of State Conservatory, Nvard Stepanyan, environmental activists Mariam Sukhudyan and Yeghia Nersisyan.

14:51 December 03, 2012

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