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Green Party Chairman: Yerevan Turns into Devouring Monster for Armenia

Green Party Chairman: Yerevan Turns into Devouring Monster for Armenia
17:20 July 04, 2012


Green Party Chairman Armenak Dovlatyan expressed his deep concern with the fact that Alpine meadows near Sevan are deprived of soil and this bears serious dangers. The statement circulated  on Facebook social network by Armenal Davlatyan says, “Recently the territory in front of Yerevan Municipality and other places are covered with sod. Sods are taken from Alpine meadows in Sevan. Tractors with special contrivances cut soil in Alpine meadows with a depth of 4-5 cm together with vegetation and take to Yerevan. Alpine meadows are very difficult to recover and when they are deprived of their cover, the soil is subjected to erosion thus making desertification process more active. While the sod serves in Yerevan for territory greening without any significant expenses…Yerevan is turning into a devouring monster for Armenia,” Dovlatyan is concerned. 

For our part we would like to mention that two weeks ago EcoLur working group took photos of the truck which was carrying about 200 square meters of sod to one of the summer cottages in construction on Lake Sevan shore. Under the least assessments, this amount could worth several thousands of dollars, if the sod has been paid for. 

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