Yerevan Going To Have
11:13 January 22, 2020 | Քաղաքներ | Երեւան
Yerevan is going to have "green" transport, and the city looks forward to the support of international partners, including the European Union and its structures
Firefighter rescuers Extinguishd over 55 ha of Fires
17:56 January 13, 2020 | Քաղաքներ | Արագածոտն | Արարատ | Գեղարքունիք | Լոռի | Տավուշ
On January 10-12, there were fires in about 55 hectares of grassland in some regions of Armenia
Weather forecast in Armenia, 5 Day Weather Forecast
14:22 November 27, 2019 | Քաղաքներ
In the daytime of November 27, on 28, on December 2 in separate places precipitation is predicted, in mountainous regions precipitation will be in the form of snow
Dalma  Gardens Beating Alarm Signal
12:48 November 18, 2019 | Քաղաքներ | Երեւան
Construction in the Dalma Gardens has destroyed a statue of historic and cultural value several days ago
“Transparent and Accountable Mining”: Discussions in Lori Region
19:36 November 15, 2019 | Քաղաքներ | Լոռի
Leaks from metal mines, leaks from tailings dumps, areas contaminated with heavy metals, the impacted communities in Lori Region have carried out garbage removal, asphalting, providing schools and kindergartens with food as environmental


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