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New Landfill to Be Built For Yerevan
13:15 November 03, 2014 | Cities | Yerevan
A new landfill will be built for Yerevan. The landfill will occupy about 29 ha of land with 60 meters depth
Unigraph Actively Collecting Stray Dogs "To Neutralize" Them
15:40 October 22, 2014 | Cities | Yerevan
EcoLur has received an alarm signal from Avan residents that “Unigraph X” organization is taking stray dogs without any discrimination. “We have two cubs near our building, whom we regularly feed and I have
Yerevan Getting Ready for Clean-up and Tree Planting
16:19 October 21, 2014 | Cities | Yerevan
Yerevan is getting ready for the clean-up and tree planting. On 20 October at the regular working meeting held at Yerevan Municipality the persons in charge reported to Mayor Taron Margaryan
Number of Trees Reduced in EIA of Yerevan Road Construction Project
16:45 September 11, 2014 | Cities | Yerevan
Under the program, 85 land areas will be project affected, thus including 70 households and an area of 26,580.38 m2. Because of the road construction, different sorts of vegetable loss will annually account for 588.648 kg, 3603 fruit trees and bushes will be affected, together with 274 timber trees and 188 decorative trees
Rodents Attacked Physics Area (Photos)
14:14 August 27, 2014 | Cities | Yerevan
Around 50% of the trees in physics area, Yerevan, have lost their leaves, as if it’s already late fall in the neighborhood, as neighborhood resident Vardan Harutyunyan is beating an alarm signal

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