Abovyan Street: “Taron Margaryan, Not Nice”

Abovyan Street: “Taron Margaryan, Not Nice”


“Taron Margaryan, Not Nice”, “Seizure of Public Territory”, “Construction Implementer Wanted”: on 16 July the environmental activists posted these posters on blue cellophanes covering the territory of construction works. The passers by were reading the posters and getting upset, “The pavilions were removed, now what are they constructing? Not leaving any empty place.”

A great hole has already been dug at 19 Abovyan Strret, which resulted in damaging the roots of a big tree. Yerevan Municiplaity informed that tiling works are in process. “…Workers said they are constructing a café… As the activists demanded to show permit, they didn’t show it for a simple reason they didn’t have it. The policemen drew up a protocol on the spot to send it to the municipality…” writes environmental activist Mariam Sukhudyan on her Facebook wall. 

15:02 July 17, 2012

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