Dead Silence of Statе Bodies (Photos)

Dead Silence of Statе Bodies (Photos)


Nor Aresh area residents haven’t received any response from state bodies as regards with site development of pubic territory  - green playground at 50 Nor Aresh, Erebuni administrative area. For nearly two weeks the residents have been protesting, sending photos which clearly show how the territory is developed. “In regard with this problem we have applied to the government, Nature Protection Ministry and Urban Development Ministry, via hotlines of Yerevan Municipality and Erebuni Administration, but the only response is dead silence,” writes one of residents, Vardan Hambardzumyan. EcoLur has already informed about this alarm signal to Nature Protection Ministry and Yerevan Municipality outlining the need to carry out inspections. The application has been recorded; nevertheless, no reply has been received so far. 

Photos by Vardan Hambartsumyan

14:36 August 01, 2012

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