They Started Threatening Me; Yerevan Resident

They Started Threatening Me; Yerevan Resident


“They started threatening me… “Owners” of the park through their “servants” told me, if I don’t stop writing, something bad will happen with me. But the park belongs to the community. And nobody can consider himself to be a better person than all the members of the community,” writes Yerevan resident Varsan Hmabardzumyan on his Facebook wall. Vardan has several times raised a signal alarm about illegal site development of children’s green playground at 50 Nor Aresh St., Erebuni administrative area. The alarm signal is supported with photos, which clearly show how the construction is in progress and trees find themselves inside the object to be built. EcoLur has sent an alarm signal to Nature Protection Ministry, though EcoLur hasn’t received the reply, Ministry has informed through Armenpress news agency that they sent an inspection. The company either has documents or doesn’t. If it doesn’t, an act should be drawn up. But the results of inspection are not visible yet, while citizens which opposed to seizure of public territory, faces threats.

 In this regard, the Public Environmental Alliance also expressed its concern and enquires though its network.

18:06 August 03, 2012

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