Nature Protection Minister Received EU Diplomatic Corpus Delegation

Nature Protection Minister Received EU Diplomatic Corpus Delegation


On 17 June. Mr. Aramayis Grigoryan, Minister of Nature Protection, received the members of the EU Diplomatic Corpus Delegation in Armenia, who are concerned with climate change and global warming.

Mr. Aramayis Grigoryan particularly mentioned, “Though greenhouse gas emissions are not significant in Armenia, we actively cooperate with different European and international institutions and we are willing to undertake commitments to reduce emissions. We share the international community’s concerns on the urgency to prevent the consequences of global temperature increase. While developing commitments in the frames of climate agreement, Armenia intends to undertake ambitious goals, which will be in line with the perspectives of our economic development.”

Dirk Lorenz, Acting Head of the European Union Delegation to Armenia, outlined, “2015 is a decisive year, as the Climate Change Convention Conference of Parties, to be held in Paris in December, will adopt a legal document, which will regulate the frames of the countries’ investments and commitments. We welcome Armenia’s will to put forward an ambitious program and we express our willingness to assist the developing countries in this regard and expect active and effective work from all countries towards Paris 2015. We should understand that it’s a historical moment and we have no right to miss is for the sake of next generations.”

The French Embassy Charge d'Affaires, Nicolas Fay, stated “Our goal is to adopt a more flexible, laconic, comprehensive and legally binding document in Paris, December 2015, which will guide both the developed and developing countries. The preliminary studies show that all the countries tend to succeed in the formulation of such a document, which will enable preventing temperature increase.”

16:00 June 18, 2015


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