Spitak and Vayq Committed to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20% by 2020

Spitak and Vayq Committed to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20% by 2020


The municipalities of Spitak and Vayk together with Habitat for Humanity Armenia foundation supported by the European Union implement “Access to renewable and efficient energy in Municipalities Vayk and Spitak” project.

“In the upcoming 4 years it’s planned to carry out such works, which the project will help to achieve 15 to 30% electricity savings, which will, in its turn, help to solve very serious environmental problems,” said Spitak Mayor Gagik Sahakyan at the project discussions on 12 March.

Covenant of Mayors signatory towns and cities formally commit themselves to go beyond the objectives of EU energy policy in terms of at least 20% reduction of greenhouse emissions by 2020. The total budget of the project is 1,700,000 Euros, which will be directed to the energy efficiency and saving in 47 blocks of flats in Spitak and Vayq. Energy efficiency is one of the most important priorities of Europe’s energy safety. Armenia is expected to significantly expand its participation in such programs increasing its energy safety. 

Reminder: Armenia ensures its energy supply by only 8.3% with its own resources at the expense of hydropower and 0.02% at the expense of wind and biogas. The rest, 91.7%, are imported energy resources. Energy efficiency is very topical for the population itself, as it consumes 28% of the energy.




The “Ecolur” Informational NGO is organizing series of events aimed at public involvement  and awareness raising targeted to the future climate change policy directions and development of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) of the Republic of Armenia under UN Climate Change Framework Convention (UNFCCC).

The material is prepared by 'EcoLur' Informational NGO under UNDP Climate Change Program, within the framework of ARM-002/2015 Contract.

The views expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the United Nations, including UNDP, or the UN Member States.

17:48 March 13, 2015


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