Climate Change

Mane SHPP Project Lacks Data Important for Expertise
14:52 February 11, 2015 | Climate Change | Syunik
“Mane” SHPP construction project is undergoing environmental expertise. Under the environmental substantiation of the project, “Mane” SHPP will be constructed
Green Passport to Regulate SHPPs
15:27 February 06, 2015 | Climate Change
100 SHPPs constructed on the rivers of Armenia will be issued green passports, as “EcoLur” Informational NGO President Inga Zarafyan, Ashot Avalyan – Deputy Staff Head of Nature Protection Ministry, and Davit Grigoryan – Head of Water Permit Department of Nature
Forest Fires in Armenia Tend to Get More
14:02 February 02, 2015 | Climate Change
In recent years the number of forest fires has increased in Armenia. As “National Policy on Fire Management in Forest Land Areas, Specially Protected Areas of Nature, Agricultural Land Areas and
Nature Protection Ministry Issued Positive Opinion to Vorotan SHPP Project
13:32 January 29, 2015 | Climate Change | Syunik
The Nature Protection Ministry issued a positive opinion to the construction project of “Vorotan SHHP” by “Vorotan Systems” LLC. The Vorotan SHPP will be constructed in the administrative area of Gorayk community, Syunik region on the River Vorotan
Programs Aimed at Reducing Greenhouse Gases Discussed
12:48 January 29, 2015 | Climate Change
Nature Protection Minister Aramayis Grigoryan outlined that starting from 2020 all member countries to the Convention shall undertake commitments to take actions aimed at reduction or limitation of the emission of greenhouse gases, about which
SHPPS Constructed on Rivers to Get Green Passports
12:42 January 27, 2015 | Climate Change
The SHPPs constructed on the rivers in Armenia will get green passports. The process has been launched in the frames of Support to SHPP-relating reforms through

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