780,000 USD Not Transferred To Environment Ministry for Law Development

780,000 USD Not Transferred To Environment Ministry for Law Development

Environment Ministry

Shushanik Doydoyan, President of Freedom of Information Center NGO, disseminated an announcement about the “Generating global environmental benefits through environmental education and raising awareness of stakeholders,” which is co-funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and UNDP implemented by UNDP Armenia office in 2015-2019, which left the impression that $ 780,000 grant was given to the Ministry of Environment to develop a single bill.

The mentioned $780,000 was intended for the implementation of the entire 4-year (2015-2019) project. It is possible to get content information about them from the Ministry of Environment, whereas information related to the budgets, experts, contracts and competitions is available from the UNDP Armenia Office.

The project was implemented with the support of the Ministry, but the entire financial management of the project, budget coordination, signing of contracts, holding tenders, selection of experts was carried out by the UNDP Armenia Office.

The goal of the program was to expand Armenia's capacity to implement Rio Convention's strategies and create global environmental benefits.

The Freedom of Information Center sent 4 inquiries on the bill on making amendments to RA Law on Freedom of Information, the content of which mostly referred to the program, funding and experts.

22:53 April 06, 2020


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