Let Committee Come to Village and Say….

Let Committee Come to Village and Say….


A paradox situation has been set up in the relations between “Sevan” National Park and littoral communities. On one hand, the shores are cleaned at the expense of budget funds (125 million AMD for 2012), while locals are imposed fines, if they cut down the littoral forest. On the other hand, shores are left under water, as they don’t manage to clean them from trees, garbage, old structures etc.

Pambak Village Head Harutyun Azaryan, “Many organizations deal with Sevan. They always tell us to bring our schoolchildren to clean polyethylene bags, while I answer back we don't have any polyethylene bags in our territory. People coming from city scatter all that around. But we, locals, are not cleaners for them. If that territory belonged to us, we would clean it and took care of it.”

“Center for Territorial Development and Studies” NGO Satik Badeyan said, “The government has allotted funds for shore cleaning, while “Sevan” National Park asserts that any local can take part in this process.”

Pambak villager, “Everything is not like that here. They say, “Pay money and you can collect wood, one cubic meter is 10,000 AMD, if you give the money to me, then 5000 AMD.”” They can also fine in the amount of 100,000 AMD. They don’t give the wood for free, they say let it get rotten. Even if you collect the wood and take it away, they will stop you on the road and fine. But foreigners come, work in these territories, just we can’t make use of anything. A guy, Anushavan, saw us take wood, and we told him we dragged it out of the lake. He said, in that case I won’t fine you. Let the committee come to the village and say, locals clean shores and take the wood for free. Who won’t go?”

12:55 July 26, 2012

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