On One Scale – Jermuk, On Another – Amoulsar

On One Scale – Jermuk, On Another – Amoulsar


First Deputy Nature Protection Minister Simon Papyan, appointed Ministry working group head on Amoulsar project, didn’t exclude that public hearings will be held in Jermuk. In reply to EcoLur question, he answered, “We have looked through the letter of the Aldermen’s Council of Jermuk. If there should be any other public hearings, they will be.” Reminder: On 31 May Geoteam Company Lawyer Armen Melqumyan noted at the public discussions, that the Ministry was authorized to determine the communities to be included in the project affected zone, meanwhile Jermuk was not included. For our part, the lawyer outlined that the company had already held public hearings in the communities determined as affected zone in accordance with the law. If it comes to Jermuk, the Ministry is already not competent to hold public hearings there.

14:10 June 07, 2012

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