What to Do with Unfinished Construction in Khosrov? Reply Delayed

What to Do with Unfinished Construction in Khosrov? Reply Delayed


Nature Protection Ministry considered it necessary to prolong the operation of the working group, which deals with the fate of unfinished construction in Gilan section of Khosrov Reserve. The Ministry reply letter to EcoLur’s enquiry says this when EcoLur requested for information what kind of conclusions the working group made in regard with the construction, and how the issue of compensation to “Hovazadzor” company is solved, who launched this construction under the decision of the government. The ministry letter says that on 26 April at the meeting of the working group the need to examine a number of legal acts more in details raised.

The letter also says that the Ministry has no objections to the issue of NGOs’ visit to “Khosrov Forest” reserve for getting familiar with the situation on the spot. Under Alliance of Public Environmental Organizations, the visit will be held on 18 July together with First Deputy Nature Protection Minister Simon Papyan. Public waits for clarifications on unfinished construction in Gilan section, as well as on the road in construction progress, which leads to Havouts Tar Monastery Complex.

01:36 July 18, 2012

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