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From Formal Rates to Mild Royalties
12:47 March 31, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology
With the adoption of the new code on subsoil (2011), an amendment was made to···
Mining: Road to Wreck
14:44 March 28, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Syunik
The companies have been insisting that sustainable mining won’t cause any damage to environment. Now, when it is difficult to...
Amulsar Project: Many Risks and Unknown Benefits
12:38 March 26, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Syunik | Vayots dzor
Amulsar gold mining project is implemented by Lydian International LLC, the main shareholders are directors and top managers of the...
Debate Between Activist and Minister
18:44 March 25, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Yerevan
“Their aim is only one: to perform some people’s orders and try to hinder,” said...
Proposals to Save Ararat Valley from Desertification
16:54 March 25, 2014 | Elections...Politics...Ecology | Ararat | Armavir
“If we continue using the waters in Ararat Valley at such a rate, in upcoming 1-2 years the decrease of underground waters will continue up to...

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