Bamo Metals, Stop Polluting Drinking Water

Bamo Metals, Stop Polluting Drinking Water


Kapan-based NGOs call for the authorities to stop the operation of Bamo Metals Company, which pollutes the drinking water of Kapan and its surroundings.  

The open letter addressed to President Serzh Sargsyan particularly says, ““Bamo Metals” Company is carrying out gold exploration in the territory of the drainage basin, which supplies 90% of drinking water for Kapan Town…Because of intensive ground works cleaning facilities don’t manage to filter the water…These works are accompanied with the elimination upper layer of ground, drilling works are also in progress, which contain irreversible risks…” the letter says. NGOs demand to stop immediately these works. The open letter is undersigned by “Sustainable Development” NGO, Kapan Aarhus Center, “Azatamart” Kapan Committee, Syunik Center for Protection and Promotion of Interests, “Legal Public”, Kapan-based Women’s Resource Center. 

16:16 August 03, 2012

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