'Khosrov Forest' Civic Initiative: Detect Genuine People Guilty (video)

'Khosrov Forest' Civic Initiative: Detect Genuine People Guilty (video)

EcoLur - ‘Khosrov Forest' Civic Initiative

'Khosrov Forest' Civic Initiative presented persuasive explanations to their demands and actions, which were subject to the criticism of RA Police, leading to the investigation over poaching in 'Khosrov Forest' reserve.

'...Several days ago the police disseminated a statement that it had solved the crime in Khosrov reserve, detected the poacher and activists hinder to the investigation. The statement particularly says, '...Norik Sargsyan, a Garni resident, born in 1983, pleaded guilty...the activists turned out not be interested either in killed animals or detecting the case of poaching... they are not interested even in poacher Norik Sargsyan, whom they took under their protection with surprising inspiration.'

The facts presented in our video material cause doubts in the conduction of objective and comprehensive investigation and that genuine clients will be detected. To detect genuine culprits is the demand posed not only by environmentalists, but also the society.

We consider it necessary to present the following explanations:

  1. We are interested in comprehensive investigation, eradication of such phenomena as the killing of animals in specially protected territories, and not just the investigation of a particular case.
  2. The police officers act non-professionally and the investigation is carried out with the violation of provisions of Criminal Procedure Code, particularly Norik Sargsyan’s status, who is involved as a witness, nevertheless the police haven’t presented any proper document about his status.
  3. The police don’t pay any attention to the data displayed on the internet, for example, invitations to Armenia for hunting of red-listed animals, or the report by Shant TV, where a hunting organization from Russia expresses its dissatisfaction with the organization of hunting, enlists killed animals etc. The fauna in Armenia became the topic of international business.
  4. If Norik Sargsyan is the member of Hunters’ Union, whether the organization bears responsibility for the actions of its member? And if Norik Sargsyan dealt with hunting business, as the police assert, who are his clients?
  5. How funds allotted by international organizations for the protection of reserve are spent?

We state that we don’t protect anybody, but pursue a goal of eradicating the faulty practice of animal hunting in our reserves. For this purpose, we should bring to justice the factual offenders and their clients and protectors”, says the statement of the initiative it has disseminated.

16:47 October 04, 2012

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