“GR Group” Company Bought Children’s Playground in Erebuni

“GR Group” Company Bought Children’s Playground in Erebuni


The official reply of Nature Protection Ministry to EcoLur informs that it’s “GR Group” Company which bought public territory, children’s green playground in Erebuni at 50 Nor Aresh St. Reminder: EcoLur has sent an alarm signal received from Erebuni community residents to the Ministry and asked to hold inspectional examination on the seizure of green territory and constructing in progress there. The reply letter from Ministry informs that the examination was carried out and attaches documents that given territory was registered in the Cadastre for Real Property on the names of “GR Group” Company on 28.02.2012. The registration certificate implied that the territory was registered at the Cadastre based on an act of purchase and sale. However, it’s unknown who this transaction has been concluded with. It’s also unclear how public territory was alienated and why green zone is developed.

Photo by Vardan Hambardtsumyan

16:32 August 20, 2012

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