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SHHP Won't Dry Shaqi Waterfall in Daytime
15:03 January 16, 2017 | Small HPPs, Energy | Syunik
'Shaqi' SHPP operating in Shaqi community, Syunik Region, won't dry Shaqi waterfall, a monument of nature, any longer. This decision was reached
Kick-off Meeting of SHPP Expert Group Held
13:47 December 27, 2016 | Small HPPs, Energy | Yerevan
On 20 December 2016 the kick-off meeting of the expert group of "Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue" project was held at EcoLur Press Club. At the meeting the experts discussed the tasks, activities
Solar Energy Already in Detention Facilities
14:40 December 08, 2016 | Small HPPs, Energy
Armenia may achieve 70% of self-sufficiency in the consumption of electricity, as Tamara Babayan, Director of Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund, thinks and presents the following calculations: 30% of electricity is provided
Tariff Set for Solar Energy
18:19 December 01, 2016 | Small HPPs, Energy
The Public Service Regulatory Committee has set price for electricity delivered from solar power stations
EcoLur's Proposals on SHPP Included in EC TAIEX Workshop Documents
11:49 November 15, 2016 | Small HPPs, Energy
EcoLur’s proposals on SHPP construction and operation were included in the “Conclusions and Proposals of Stakeholders” document of European Commission TAIEX Workshop on Reconciling Hydropower Production and Flood Protection with Water Management and Nature Protection
New Project on SHPP Reform Launched
17:07 November 14, 2016 | Small HPPs, Energy
EcoLur’s “Support to New Reforms in SHPP Sector through SCO-Government Dialogue” project has launched starting from 1 November. This project is the logical continuation of

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