ArmForest Ad about Timber Sale

ArmForest Ad about Timber Sale


'ArmForest' SNCO displayed an advertisement on its official website about sale of timber; 'ArmForest' sells construction timber of different diameters (logs), coffin boards and wood. For timber you may apply to Noyemberyan, Sevqar, Jili, Syunik and Tchambarak, Gougark, Stepanavan and Ijevan forestry enterprises (addresses and telephones mentioned). Reminder: this year the government reduced the financing of 'ArmForest' SNCO and ArmForest co-finances at the expense of timber sale.  In accordance with the official data, ArmForest possesses 4,200 ha of forest lands, out of which 277,100 are covered with forest.

16:18 September 07, 2012

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