Small HPP Near Jermuk: Whether Public Can Prevent Forest Felling?

Small HPP Near Jermuk: Whether Public Can Prevent Forest Felling?


EcoLur has received an alarm signal from Jermuk resident Makedon Aleksanyan that the construction of a small HPP near Kechout reservoir has been launched and the heavy machinery has already been brought in. “If it refers only to the construction of a small HPP, everything would be OK, it wouldn’t disturb anything. But laying pipes in the section of Arpa river running to Kechout water reservoir covers densely planted forest territory. And we think that trees will be cut down, as it is impossible to lay pipes without tree felling in any way. The construction works have already touched upon the road section running to Jermuk. The road was constructed still in the Soveit period, but now it has been rehabilitated. This is a recognizable zone and it’s visible in several part of the road sections,” Macedon Aleksanyan said…

He noted that the construction of small HPP in this section should be considered from the viewpoint of government program of developing Jermuk resort zone, especially as regards with forest preservation, “You know how difficult it is to grow forest at height of 2000 m, it’s almost impossible and the forest should be conserved.”

Macedon added, “Neither me nor one in my surroundings knew about the project, nobody took part in the hearings. I saw how the machinery recently appeared. Nothing has been cut down so far. Maybe we will be able to do something and we won’t allow destroying forest.”

EcoLur applies to Nature Protection Ministry for information, whether the project of constructing a small HPP near Kechout reservoir (approximately 2-3 km far, along Arpa riverbed) has the environmental impact assessment opinion? Whether public hearings on the project were conducted? If the project has positive opinion, we would like to ask to provide information on project EIA and minutes of the public hearings.

Photos by Makedon Aleksanyan

19:10 June 18, 2012

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