29 Licesnes Provided for Mine Development in Yerevan

29 Licesnes Provided for Mine Development in Yerevan


Another open mine development in Yerevan has been displayed on the website of Nature Protection Ministry. In official certificate provided by Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, where the list of licenses for mine exploration is listed, this mine is named “Jrvezh gypsiferous ores and basalt of Yerevan City.” Nevertheless, Nature Protection Ministry specified the location of the public hearings to be Jrvezh Village, Kotayk Region. The company-developer is “Gaj” CJSC.

It should be noted that on 24 October the website of the ministry displayed another project of open mine development of gypsiferous clay in Yerevan, in the area of Sari Tagh. The developing company is “Gajegorts” CJSC. No public hearings have been announced for this very project. Moreover, Sari Tagh area, despite being a densely populated area, is not mentioned in the part of project affected territory. EcoLur working group has visited Sari Tagh area with the camera crew of A1+ TV. According to А1+ TV information, the enterprise received area residents’ signatures several years ago, who favoured the mine development. Both А1+ TV and EcoLur held a short survey in the area – the residents had no idea about the mine, neither the signature collection and were rather surprised.

We also visited the area next to “Gajegorts” CJSC. We couldn’t see any water distribution vehicle. Dumps were located next to the plant, dust depositions reach up to 50 cm. The workers of “Gajegorts” CJSC denied the industrial wastes belonged to their enterprise. “We work without wastes, these dumps are brought here by other people,” they said. What about Sari Tagh mine, it’s being developed according to them. According to the certificate “On Mining rights issued for mining natural resources as of 01.10.2012” issued by Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, “Gajegorts” CJSC has a license for three mines of gypsiferous clay and basalt in Sari Tagh area, Yerevan and a license for gypsiferous clay in Jrvezh, while “Gaj” CJSC has a license for the second section of gypsiferous clay in Jrvezh.  “Hanqard” LLC has a mining license for gypsiferous clay and basalt mine in Jrvezh. According to the same certificate, 29 licenses have been issued for the mining of natural resources in Yerevan.

14:29 October 26, 2012

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