Another Cyanic Technology in Armenia

Another Cyanic Technology in Armenia


While Europe declares itself as a zone free from cyanogen, cyanic technologies are reborn in Armenia.  Another new cyanic production in Syunik Region has come to supplement the one already existing in Ararat. These technologies are applied to extract precious metals, gold and silver. Under government decision 186-А dated on 23 February 2012 'On Permitting to Import Sodium Cyanide to Armenia for the needs of ' GeoProMining Gold' CJSC, 600 tons of sodium cyanide have already been imported to Armenia.

How many tons the new plant will require is unknown as the plant exists still in documents. The project has been submitted by “Geoteam” LLC, who is implementing Amoulsar gold mine development project. In accordance with the press release of Lydian International company, which owns 95% shares of Geoteam says, that the company received from Nature Protection Ministry received the approval for the cyanic technology with heal leaching. In reply to EcoLur’s enquiry to Nature Protection Ministry, whether the cyanic plant had received positive opinion and whether they underwent the procedure of public hearings, the ministry received a very short reply: see the official website of ministry (letter 5/33/50838 dated on 3 April 2012, signed by Ministry Staff Head Edgar Pirumyan). As a matter of fact, the website displays two projects of Amoulsar. One is with cyanic plant, while the other is without. According to the reliable information by EcoLur, the variant without cyanic technologies was discussed at the public hearings on Amoulsar project on 12 Saravan Village on 12 March. EcoLur reminds that any opinion of environmental impact assessment on Amoulsar project including cyanic technologies without public hearings is considered an infringement of RA Laws “On Environmental Impact Expert Assessment” and Aarhus Convention provisions. 

15:41 April 10, 2012

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