ArmWaterCanal and BАMO Metals Signed Memorandum

ArmWaterCanal and BАMO Metals Signed Memorandum


On 10 August “ArmWaterCanal” CJSC and “BAMO Metals” LLC signed a memorandum. As the letter by “ArmWaterCanal” CJSC General Director Patrick Loren addressed to the Chairman of the State Committee for Water Industry Andranik Andreasyan, Syunik Regional Governor Suren Khachatryan, and Kapan Mayor Arthur Atayan says, the aim of the Memorandum is to prevent probable pollution of water basin as a result of geological prospecting carried out by “BAMO Metals” LLC near the water basin of the Geghi supplying Kapan town with water.

Reminder:  8 Kapan-based NGOs have applied to President Serzh Sargsyan with a request to suspend the license issued to “BAMO Metals” LLC for geoprospecting in the gold mine near Nor Astghaberd, as these works result in the pollution of the drinking water in Kapan.

“BAMO Metals” LLC is prospecting gold in Voskedzor mine. Under newspaper, this territory is included in the transboundary zone. The frontier guards didn’t allow the local NGOs to get near to the mine explaining this by security requirements. According to the newspaper, the owner of the company is Murad Muradyan, the owner of Yerevan sport-concert complex.

17:13 September 06, 2012

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