Bad Production from Good Raw Materials

Bad Production from Good Raw Materials


In the Soviet period 2 granite mines used to be developed in the whole territory of Lori Region, but now Lori region has 16 pits and 10 more are about to be developed. The number of stone pits has increased in recent years. “Mines are opened next to each other. They can’t turn into powerful ones, as there is no sufficient demand. The enterprises can’t ensure investments and good technologies, that’s why they can’t have good production,” said Geologist Artak Demirtchyan, Lori Regional Municipality Environmental Department Head, in his interview with “EcoLur.”  Under him, the national strategy for soil development is missing. “We have very good raw materials, but don’t have good processing technology and good personnel,” the specialist thinks. 

13:12 April 05, 2012

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