EBRD Promises to Take into Account Opinion of Sevan Committee and Aldermen’s Council of Jermuk

EBRD Promises to Take into Account Opinion of Sevan Committee and Aldermen’s Council of Jermuk


When preparing the ESIA on Amoulsar project, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) promises to take into account the opinion of Sevan Committee and Aldermen's Council in Jermuk. The anticipated date of the ESIA will be no sooner than December of this year. This is what the response from Alistair Clark, Managing Director of Environment and Sustainability Department at EBRD says. The response particularly says: “As noted before, the the Bank recommended to the Ministry on 09 July 2012 that they not delay the decision on the Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed mine. Further, you mention the Bank's statement to the Ministry that the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment that is "... required by the EBRD for financing this project should be finalized in July...This statement referred to the ESIA that is being required by EBRD and other international financial institutions, not the Armenian EIA. The "international ESIA" has been delayed, with the anticipated completion date now expected no sooner than December of this year.

You ask that EBRD take into consideration the opinions of the Armenia National Academy of Sciences and the letter by Aldermen's Council in Jermuk. We assure you that this will be taken into consideration. We have communicated this concern to both Geoteam and the international consultants preparing the ESIA and have been assured that the issues raised in the opinion and the letter will be considered in the ESIA, and thus will be considered in EBRD's ultimate decision. We hope those who have provided opinions during the Armenia environmental expertise will also participate in consultations that will be held on the ESIA, and we would be pleased to meet with them during this consultation period.

We appreciate your interest in the Project, and look forward to further discussions during the disclosure period for the ESIA”.

15:47 October 10, 2012

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