Energy and Natural Resources Minister of Armenia Invites Foreign Investors to Mining Sector

Energy and Natural Resources Minister of Armenia Invites Foreign Investors to Mining Sector


Energy and Natural Resources Minister of Armenia Armen Movsisyan is sure that the steps government take in mining sector will be attractive for foreign investors. Mining Journal specialized edition published the Minister’s message, which describes metallic and non-metallic minerals, their composition and value. “I would like to extend my greetings and thanks to you for this offer of cooperation. I am sure that our venture with Mining Journal, which is so authoritative and has a 175-year history, will be productive. It is very important for us to be presented by the international media, which gives us an opportunity to represent to the world the economy, the development prospects, as well as the legislative and the investment sphere of Armenia.

I am especially glad that today we have an opportunity to represent the developing mining sphere, which plays an important role in Armenia’s economy.

The Armenian mining sector forms a key part of the national economy. Ore, mineral, concentrates and metals (which together account for just over half of Armenia’s exports) are the country’s most important export products. Armenia has a favourable geographical position for development of trade relations with different countries. This is especially so for Europe, the Middle East and the CIS. The government of Armenia puts emphasis on foreign investors to develop new industrial activities, to modernise existing ones, as well as to invest new, efficient, ecologically clean and best technologies in

Armenia. Armenia is rich in mineral resources. More than 670 mines, including 30 metal mines, with confirmed resources, are currently registered in the state inventory of mineral resources. In addition to base metals, the country has rhenium, selenium, tellurium, cadmium, indium, helium, thallium and bismuth, among others. The Republic of Armenia takes a lead in the world in the abundance and the diversity of its non-metallic minerals. Nearly all types of minerals can be found in the country. Mountainous rocks formed as a result of volcanic processes in the territory of Armenia are of special value and significance, the most important of which are light rocks (tufa, perlite, pumice-stone, zeolite, scoria, etc). Resources of various types of basalts, granites, nephelite syenite and marble are huge. The highest-quality resources and most abundant swelling rocks (perlites, obsidians, other) in the worldexist in Armenia. More than 100 basalt, andesite mines are mapped throughout the entire territory of Armenia. Mines containing quartzite, carbonate, zeolite, scoria and pumice-stone, clay, bentonite, diatomite, gypsum are invaluable with their significance and qualitative indicators.

I hope that taking into account the diversity of the subsurface resources and the aforementioned potential for both metal and non-metallic minerals, as well as the measures undertaken by the government, international enterprises will be interested in starting business in Armenia.

With regards

Armen Movsisyan

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

of the Republic of Armenia,” the message says.

12:07 August 29, 2012

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