Environmental Activists Hiking to Amoulsar

Environmental Activists Hiking to Amoulsar


"Jermuk Won't Become Mine" civic initiative organizes a hiking to Amoulsar on 9 June. The statement of the initiative particularly says, "During the hiking you will enjoy the mineral war water and will go up Amoulsar mountain (22 km.)". You will see Amoulsar mountain which looks like a rotten apple and the place where the barren rock is supposed to be dumped and extremely hazardous and toxic tailing dump, and all this next to Vorotan River... It should be realized that besides Jermouk, the second largest reservoir, Spandaryan, and Kechout reservoir are also greatly endangered, as well ass the whole drainage basin of Arpa and Vorotan rivers." Yerevan activists, Yerevan-based and Vayq-based NGOs, Jermuk residents will take part in this hiking.

You can learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/241186962659284/:

12:56 June 05, 2012

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