Gegamet Plus Intends to Open Mine Near Sevan in Territory of 120 ha

Gegamet Plus Intends to Open Mine Near Sevan in Territory of 120 ha


“Gegamet Plus” Company intends to mine Shorzha magnesium-silicate mine near Sevan shore in the territory of 120 ha. The public hearings on the project were held at the rural administrative building of Shorzha village on 30 October. In according to the project, the mine will be located 250 meters above sea level near the border of “Sevan” National Park. The mining volume will make up 120,000 tons per year. It should be mentioned that after accomplishing the works, the mine will be leveled in the territory of 1.7 ha, but it’s not mentioned what will be on 120 ha. The total volume of dust emissions will make up 4.04 tons per year. “Minimum gamma activity is observed in the mine, which refers to class 1 and may be used as a construction material without any limitations,” the project says. This evaluation is required when the mined ore is used in the construction. Reminder: in the project of 2009 this mine was named dunite-peridotite and is developed by the same company, “Gegamet Plus”. The company was supposed to produce fire-proof bricks. Both then and now the project doesn’t say a word about the project impact on Lake Sevan. In 2009 the project was actively opposed not only by public, but also by the Scientific-Expert Committee on Lake Sevan Preservation, which rejected the project.

14:40 October 30, 2012

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