I Don’t Possess Information That Tailing Dump In Poor Condition

I Don’t Possess Information That Tailing Dump In Poor Condition


“I don’t possess such information that the tailing dump is in poor,” said Kapan Aarhus Coordinator Ashot Avagyan hen EcoLur asked about probable risks for Kapan posed by the expanded expansion of ZCMC, particularly in regard with Artsvanik tailing dump, A. Avagyan said, “if there is a tailing dump, it has its consequences. A tailing dump is bad phenomenon for any region. Nevertheless, no mining production can get without it. I can’t give any assessment without monitoring,” said Aarhus Center Coordinator.  

On behalf of EcoLur it should be mentioned that the combine has increased its annual production up to 16 million tons per year and intends to make it up to 20 million, and 30 million tons in several years. 

The maximum limit for Artsvanik tailing dump makes up 210 million cubic meters (Report on Environment in Armenia, 2003, Nature Protection Ministry of Armenia). The tailing pipes stretch from the combine to the tailing dump in a distance of 35 km. In recent years as a result of the breakdowns of the tailing pipe, the tails flew into Voghji transboundary river, as well as they twice flooded the gorge and caused damage to Sgharshik area in Kapan. Because of the dumps and breakdowns the pollution of soil, water and agricultural products in Syunik community (3 km far away from Kapan) exceeds the permissible standards by dozen times, and hundreds of times for several toxic elements (Report of Environment in Kapan, the Center of Ecological Noosphere Studies of NAS RA, 2006).

16:05 May 21, 2012

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