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Land Using Companies Didn’t Submit Reports on Environmental Fees

Land Using Companies Didn’t Submit Reports on Environmental Fees
18:27 July 11, 2012


Under Armenian Government program for 2008-2012, “Governmental priority in industry is developing mining, as being one of the most leading branches of industry in the Republic of Armenia, will significantly promote to long-term development of economy.”

Meanwhile land users in Armenia haven’t even made their payments of environmental fees in proper manner. Thus, according to the reports submitted by Soil State Inspection of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry of Armenia, only in the second quarter of 2011, 163 companies didn’t submit any reports on payments of environmental fees, in third quarter this number was 89, while in the fourth semester - 82 companies. Among these companies we can see such Armenian mining companies as “Molybdenum World”, “Marjan Mining Company”, “Sagamar”, “Geoteam”, “Teghout”, “Akhtala Ore Processing Combine”. Meanwhile “Molybdenum World”, “Marjan Mining Company”, “Sagamar”, and “Geoteam” companies haven’t submitter their reports in three quarters, “Teghout” company is two quarters, and “Akhtala Ore Processing Combine” in one quarter.

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