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Nature Protection Ministry – Show Documents on Amoulsar

Nature Protection Ministry – Show Documents on Amoulsar
16:15 August 08, 2012


The public hearings on Amoulsar project of gold mine opencast development held at Nature Protection Ministry on 30 July left contradictory impressions. Reminder: in the course of the public hearings Minister Aram Harutyunyan made a number of essential remarks to Geoteam Company implementing Amoulsar project, particularly as regards with the basin drainage of Lake Sevan and habitat of red-listed species. The Minister also outlined the need to hold international expert assessment of the project.

To clear up the situation, “Jermuk Won’t Become a Mine” civic initiative enquired from Nature Protection Ministry a number of documents, which were still left unpublished  despite Minister Aram Harutyunyan’s assurances. Particularly it refers to 1) the conclusion of scientific-expert committee on Lake Sevan Preservation as regards with the impact of Amoulsar project on drainage basin of Lake Sevan, 2) specialized conclusion on Environmental Impact assessment by Nature Protection Ministry, 3) the conclusion of Environmental impact expert assessment of Nature Protection Ministry 4) the minutes of the public hearings held on 30 July 2012.