Negative Assessment to Tezhasar Project

Negative Assessment to Tezhasar Project


“Trchkan” Initiative group has given its negative assessment to Tezhasar nepheline-syenitic mine and has disseminated its grounds for such an assessment. Reminder: on 26 July public hearings on Tezhasar nepheline-syenitic mine project was held in Artavaz village submitted by “Alumina Corporation”. Public opposes to this project, as the project poses pollution risks to Hanqavan resort zone and its surroundings.   

The grounds laid down by Trchkan Group activists particularly include zones of Arzaqan-Meghradzor, Margahovit, specially protected Hanqavan hydrological territory, forest territories, “Dilijan” National Park, Marmarik reservoir, Marmarik and Aghstev Rivers, which may be directly affected by the project. “Marmarik basin is unique with its biodiversity. It has more than 800 plant species and sub-species, many of them are red-listed,” says the statement. Then “…the project doesn’t say anything about the fact this territory is inhabited with such animal species as Caspian snowcock and francolin, which are also red-listed…”. It should focused that plant and tailing dump construction issues are separated from the master project and are not considered in this project.  “If this document on mine development received positive opinion of expert assessment, it will give “green light” to the whole process, that’s why all the studies should be carried out at this very stage...Ore processing plant and tailing dump are those main objects which should first have been described in this project, but it’s missing...”, says the statement of the activists. Read the full text in Armenian.  

15:22 August 01, 2012

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