Once Again about Bamo Metals and Absence of Legal Liability

Once Again about Bamo Metals and Absence of Legal Liability


Bamo Metals Company is known to carry out geoprospecting works on gold in the territory of drainage basin of Kapan Town. Kapan-based public has already raised alarm signals several times that intensive drilling and earth works result in the pollution of drinking water for Kapan. What is surprising that Kapan doesn’t even have a cleaning station. “ArmWaterCanal” CJSC bears responsibility for water supply, water discharge and water quality. Our colleagues from Kapan, the “Syunyats Yerkir” newspaper, touched upon this issue in the course of “ArmWaterCanal” CJSC Director General Patrick Loren’s visit to Kapan. Below we bring an extract from journalist Aghavni Navasardyan’s article entitled “About One Foreigner Teasing Kapan Residents”. An extract from Patrick Loren’s speech, “…what about the company (we speak about Bamo Metals), it was Energy and Natural Resources Ministry who issued a license to them. We don’t have anything in common with it…Unfortunately, when issuing a license they probably forgot there is a drainage basin in that area…I found out this company will be carrying out prospecting in upcoming two years, which doesn’t pose any factual threat for water. Problems arise during mine development process. We will conclude an agreement with the company to protect the interests of water users… There are several ideas, for example, to relocate water intake station…What refers to water pollution in Kapan, this is not new for them, this problem always exists…And the operation of (Bamo Metals) company doesn’t have any connection with this. They just laid two sections of road…Moreover, rains promote pollution, I myself got convinced that water gets polluted after rains… I hoe after reconstructing the cleaning station this problem will disappear… At present, the operation of (Bamo Metals) company doesn’t pose any danger to water…” Then comes the position of the journalist, “We, most of Kapan residents, don’t share this opinion…It’s surprising that he (director of ArmWaterCanal) didn’t utter the name of the company even once… maybe Patrick Loren didn’t know what kind of company it was…How he could be sure that no damage will be caused to the water in Kapan… maybe this is another trick to calm people down…” the article says. The article also says that “…within recent two years the rehabilitation of internal water supply in Kapan required 400 million AMD, nevertheless, water loss makes up 80%...”

We would like once again to draw attention to the fact that license for geological prospecting issued by Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia doesn’t undergo environmental impact expert assessment and environmental impact is not regulated in any way. As a result, the company operates at its own discretion and doesn’t bear any legal liability. 

12:53 August 29, 2012

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