Open Mine in Yerevan

Open Mine in Yerevan


An open mine will function in Yerevan. “Gajegorts” CJSC intends to develop a mine of gypsiferous clay in the area of Sari Tagh. The mine occupies 4.7 ha, while its dumps will occupy 5.6 ha. The mine is connected with the factory via a two-kilometer-long asphalted road, which crosses Yerevan streets. The communities in Jrvezh, Voghjaberd and Shoraghbyur are mentioned in the project as settlements adjacent to the mine, but Sari Tagh area which will be immediately affected by this mine is not mentioned in the project documents.

“Gajegorts” CJSC will pay 30,000 AMD for 1 ha for the rented territory, which includes the mine and dumps. The project doesn’t mention whether this is a monthly payment or an annual one.

The company proposes to spend 269,000 AMD for one ha of territory recultivation. The project IEA says, “As a result of the development, serious damage for environment is not expected, emissions into atmosphere won’t cause large damage, no waters polluted, no damage caused to flora and fauna.”

17:00 October 24, 2012

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