Photo Report – Akhtala Landscapes

Photo Report – Akhtala Landscapes


Akhtala Ore Processing Combine has three tailing dumps in its balance. Their projected capacities are 0.5,0.45 and 3 million cubic meters, while fullness is 0.4, 0.3 and 1.1 million cubic meters. Two tailing dumps are suspended, while the third one, Tchotchkan tailing dump, operates. The operating tailing dump is located between Ayrum and Tchotchkan villages. It plays blue-green-metallic colours. The view is impressive, if to take into consideration that matter is mixture of heavy metals washed out of the ore. Nearby cows pasture, while combine wastes flow out of pipes.

Below you find another landscape. Dumped slug-heaps are still wet, pools of toxic-blue color and bright yellow dried ore on the background of green forest are not an artist’s fantasy, but the reality of Akhtala factory. 

Below the tailing dumps is the favourite place for tourists, they get to gorgrous Akhtala temple passing by the tailing dump.

And eventually sunflowers, not a picture by Van Gog, but a huge real field on the background of Akhtala Combine.

16:28 July 24, 2012

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