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Specific Weight of Mining Sector in GDP in Armenia for 2011 - 2.9

Specific Weight of Mining Sector in GDP in Armenia for 2011 - 2.9
13:08 October 09, 2012


The specific weight of the mining sector of GDP in Armenia for 2011 made up 2.9. Recently the government has stated that in 2012 environmental and nature management fees have increased and the growth in the first term made up 80.6, as compared with the same period for 2011. As it’s evident, the amount of payments is near to the minimum in absolute figures, particularly as compared with agriculture from which the government annually seizes 7-8 thousand ha of land areas in favour of the mining sector. The specific weight of agriculture in GDP for 2011 made up 20.2. It turns out that even in economic aspect not taking into consideration underestimated damage and loss of water and land resources, the statement of the government about the priority of mining sector for our economy doesn’t undergo any criticism. Also a question rises what the real income of the offshore companies is, if they pay so little in Armenia and export precious, rare and nonferrous materials?

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