Tailing Dump To Be Constructed in Meliq Village, 9-magnitude Seismic Zone

Tailing Dump To Be Constructed in Meliq Village, 9-magnitude Seismic Zone


“MegoGold” LLC intends to construct a tailing dump in the territory of 7 ha in Meliq village (Aragatsotn Region), a 9-magnitude seismic zone. Public hearings on the tailing dump project will be held in the administration building of Meliq Village at 12:00 p.m. on 30 November. “MegoGold” LLC is registered in Armenia and is the subsidiary of Global Gold Company. The tailing dump will be located in a distance of 1600 meters far away from the plant.  “…The volume of dumps will make up 88.6 %  of all the processing volume...The composition of the tails include SiO2 – 46,23%;   AL2O3 – 10,81%;  MgO – 5,17% ;  TiO2 – 0,82 %;  CaO – 6,41%;  MnO – 0,15%;   Fe2O3 – 6,4%;  FeO -3,62%…

Emissions into atmosphere will make up 277.27 tons during construction works… Main polluting substances in the emissions near settled areas are within standards…There are two deep tectonic fractures in the territory…According to the standards of seismic construction, the territory is located in 9-magnitude seismic zone… The volume of ores taken out during the construction works will make up 3342235 tons… Risks at construction works – elimination of vegetation, pollution of territory with construction garbage… Economic damage will make up 733.117 million AMD... The presented sum is not a ground for financial liability… The total amount of damage for environment – air, water and soil, will make up  4,426,620 AMD…”, - the report says.

The report doesn’t say how many tons of raw materials mined from Tukhmanuk mine per year will be processed at the factory and how many tons of tails will be dumped into the tailing dump.  Let’s make a reference to the information provided by ArmInfo News Agency in 2008, “…The data of the State Committee on Reserves say that the level of reserves in Tukhmanuk mine make up 12.1 tons of gold with gold ratio 6.74 gr per ton and 30.79 grams of silver per ton.” 

Photo from www.yerkirmedia.am web site

17:35 October 29, 2012

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