Taking Away Billions, But Giving Us 18,000 AMD

Taking Away Billions, But Giving Us 18,000 AMD


Qajaran Village keeps on remaining the stronghold of opposition to such an industrial giant as Zangezour Copper and Molybdenum Combine. Now the villagers say that won’t leave this territory. Reminder: in April 2011 the government made a decision on changing the category of land areas of the village and their transfer to Zangezour Combine. It’s already a year since the residents have been fighting for their rights to the land they own. They have sent letters both the president, government and the main shareholder, Cronimet Company. After many negotiations and promises, the process was stopped. We would like to present a video material from Qajaran Village.  

Qajaran Village Head Rafik Atayan, “Everything under the ground belongs to our people by 20%, but they are taking all 100%...Under my village they are taking away billions, but pay only 18.000 AMD (as rent fee) per year.” A villager, “Every day, at 16:45 p.m, explosions are carried out. Just have a look at these emissions. Where does all this dust go? We all breathe in this dust.”

19:47 June 21, 2012

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