“Alumina Corporation” LLC Left Hearings it Organized without Signing Minutes

“Alumina Corporation” LLC Left Hearings it Organized without Signing Minutes


The project of developing Tezhasar nepheline- syenitic mine doesn’t have required documents; this was found out at the public hearings “Alumina Corporation” LLC organized in Artavaz Village on 26 July. The project documents don’t include the agreement with communities on land areas allocation. The appropriate license from Energy and Natural Resources Ministry is missing as well as, while two communities don’t have any general plan for development, i.e. the communities still don’t have any borders set.

Several public representatives recommended to turn down this project as a weak and failed one. “Healthy Hrazdan” Civic Initiative member Movses Manukyan noted, “I offer Nature Protection Ministry to turn down this project as a weak one, while to declare these public hearings as failed one.”

Greens Union of Armenia Chaiman Hakob Sanasaryan presented project risks, the most important of which is the impact on unique resort zone and Hanqavan water resources. The problem is that wastes and dumps will directly impact on mountain springs, the waters of which flow not only into local brooks, but also through the whole water system reach to Ararat Valley.

Azganush Drnoyan (“Environmental Impact Expert Assessment” SNCO of Nature Protection Ministry of Armenia) offered to submit all these opinion in writing. During the whole discussion “Alumina Corporation” LLC Director Emin Knyazyan didn’t reply to the questions leaving it to Ministry representative. Thus, willfully or not Nature Protection Ministry secured company interests. After the end of the hearings the company representative left without signing the minutes, while the question how the minutes should be drawn up is left open.

15:27 July 27, 2012

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