Vardan Ayvazyan: Global Gold Mining Selected Blackmailing

Vardan Ayvazyan: Global Gold Mining Selected Blackmailing

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MP, Ex Nature Protection Minister Vardan Ayvazyan has disseminated a statement entitled “Vardan Ayvazyan: Global Gold Mining Selected Blackmailing”. The statement particularly says, “On 14 September published an article entitled “N.Y. District Court Orders .5 Million Seized From Former Environment Minister Ayvazyan”. Vardan Ayvazyan had no opportunity to appeal this judgment, as he was not informed…. I have substantiated doubts that I hadn’t been informed intentionally, so as I couldn’t appeal…The article says, as if Vardan Ayvazyan had improper and corrupt demands to the company, the license holder of Hanqavan mine in Armenia. As of the company warned the appropriate bodies of the USA, and as a result, the company lost its control over the assets of Hanqavan mine because of Ayvazyan. So far, nobody has stated that I had proposed any deal with briberies. Only the mass media wrote about this without making any references to anybody… If somebody says that I demanded a bribe, I will call upon the court immediately to have this statement denied. And if GGM doesn’t conceal anything and doesn’t try to blackmail, let it publicize any video or recording with the demand of bribe… ” Then, Vardan Ayvazyan puts forward a number of documents, signed agreement, examination acts, which substantiate his claims to Global Gold Company in regard with the requirements filed to him, when he held the office of Minister. In the end, Vardan Ayvazyan says, “I don’t intend to refer to falsifications and publications by Global Gold Mining. If there are any problems, I am willing to solve them in legal field.”

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13:13 October 04, 2012

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