We Live on Credit and Repay with Harvest (Photos)

We Live on Credit and Repay with Harvest (Photos)


The villages adjacent to Meghri Town irrigate their orchards with the wastes of Agarak copper and molybdenum combine. Shvanidzor villagers complain, “When pumps are on, the land areas turn into white colour with settling.  These are molybdenum tails. We don’t know for sure but we think these are wastes. They dump it into the pond to use it for the second time, while the liquid from the pond is poured out into the Araks River, from where water is pumped for irrigation, as other water is not enough,” said Shvanidzor villager Rafik Hayrapetyan. Hasmik Vanesyan, “We used to gather about a ton of pomegranates from our small orchard, but now we can’t gather even 200 kg, pomegranate trees wither. How can you get harvest without water?” The village has not much choice, either using limited amount of water from springs or irrigation with industrial wastes. Agarak combine intends to solve the problem with wastes and to construct a new pond, nevertheless, nobody knows what it will factually turn into. No alternatives and independent discussion of this project has been held. Meghri Mayor Sergey Hayrapetyan, “Meghri doesn’t have any problems with the wastes of Agarak copper and molybdenum combine. The problems are in the town itself, in Agarak.”

Now the combine is constructing a cleaning facility which will solve the problem.”

For now: “We live on credit and repay with harvest,” said Hasmik Vanesyan. “There are people who don’t want to cultivate, but want to get quick income. Nevertheless, many people don’t want to sell their land areas and they know they can live their earning in this way. Just there are no conditions, no markets, we are located very far from Yerevan, 400 km,” said Meghri Ex Mayor Misha Hovhannisyan.

‘My orchard is located on the slopes of the mountain. Before going to work I irrigate the orchard I water it at 12:00 a.m., 01:00 a.m, it doesn’t matter. I love our land, it’s a good one and we need to take care of it,’ said “Arevik” National Park Director Suren Hovhannisyan.

12:21 August 24, 2012

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