Wonderful Gorge in Hanqavan: The Beginning of End

Wonderful Gorge in Hanqavan: The Beginning of End

Movses Manukyan, 'Healthy Hrazdan' Civic Initiative

At present public assesses the development of mining industry as misfortune.

The reasons are evident for such a small country as Armenia.

As a result of satisfying the profits of oligarchs and offshore investments, we will have short-term and suspicious effect, but instead we will get:

1. hundreds of hectares of toxic tailing dumps, which will threaten our future generations as  sword of Damocles,

2. destroyed, degraded and multilated nature,

3.  pollution of drinking water and irrigation water with carcinogenic heavy metals and nuclear compounds,

4.  desertification of pasture fertile land areas and reduction in forest territories,

5.  pollution of air basin.

State wildlife reserves are registered in the territories of Hanqavan gorge, such as Meghradzor, Margahovit and Arzakan, as well as 'Dilijan' National Park.

The gorge is a rest zone and resort zone with dozens of resort houses and campuses. There are resort houses operating on the basis of thermal waters and mud baths. Recently, Marmarik water reservoir was opened on the initiative of Armenian President and in the same territory at this moment preparation works are in progress for mine opencast development.

17:39 June 20, 2012

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