Society Demanding Involvement in ANPP Radioactive Safety Monitoring

Society Demanding Involvement in ANPP Radioactive Safety Monitoring


The Armenian Nuclear Power Plant has been operating for 42 years: in 2016 the lifetime of the ANPP second power unit expired, nevertheless, with the governmental resolution it will continue operating by 2026 after re-equipment.

“We can hear only standard statements from the official sources in Armenia about the radioactive background that “Radioactive background” is within the standards. The most risky fact for environment is surface and underground reservoirs, the water of which is used for the cooling system of the nuclear power plant. In our case, the sources of cooling water of the nuclear power plant is used both for drinking and irrigation purposes,” said Anzhela Stepanyan, President of “Armavor Press Club” NGO, at the conference “Energy projects and Violations of Human Rights in South Caucasus” held in Tbilisi.

She outlined that the Armenian society doesn’t have any notion about radioactive emissions and their consequences and is left out of the sector-related processes. The open society should be aware of sectorial risks.

 Anzhela Stepanyan presented the data presented in “Myth about Ecologically Clear Nuclear Energy” published by Russia’s Environmental Policy Center, where the expert groups from the US and European countries compared the statistics of diseases of the people living adjacent to nuclear power plants to the statistics of diseases of the people living in risk-free areas.

As a result, the research showed that the people living in a diameter of 16 km from the nuclear power plant have numerous added diseases, such as cancer diseases, cases of still-born babies, increase in natural defects, disturbance of genetic apparatus, disturbance of mental development, immune depression and insufficiency, cardiovascular and digestive diseases, early ageing, reduction of life span etc.”

According to Anzhela Stepanyan, the society should be involved in the decision-making process  on the ANPP, monitoring of safety measures, the Armenian Government shall specify the risk area zones and status, ensure privileged medical checkup for impacted communities, reduce electricity tariff for impacted communities by at least 50% and assess the risks of the ANPP further operation.

15:12 April 06, 2018


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