25 Communities in Primary Risk Zone in Case of Any Probable Breakdown at Armenian Nuclear Power Plant

25 Communities in Primary Risk Zone in Case of Any Probable Breakdown at Armenian Nuclear Power Plant


In case of any probable breakdown at the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant 25 communities are in the primary risk zone: Armavir and Metsamor Towns, Arshaluys, Aknalitch, Aratashen, Aghavnatun, Aragats, Artashar, Arevik, Yeghegnut, Zartonq, Khoronq, Tsaghkalanj, Tsiatsan, Hovtamej, Haytagh, Mayisyan, Mrgashat, Noravan, Geghakert, Taronik and Ferik villages in Armavir Region and Aragatsotn, Nor Amanos, Nor Yedessia villages in Aragatsotn Region.
The population in these communities shall be provided individual protection means. Out of the conservations with Metsamor and Armavir residents EcoLur found out it hasn’t been carried out. Governmental resolution says (“On Approving National Plan for Population Protection in Case of Nuclear and/or Radiation Breakdown at Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (External Breakdown Plan for Armenian Nuclear Power Plant) N 2328-N dated on 22 December 2005”) people shall be provided stable iodide preparations designed for blocking the thyroid gland, gas masks and muzzles.

“If there is radiation hazard, people should know what to do, at least they should be informed about closing doors and windows while rescuers will take them out of their apartments.
Nobody knows about it in Metsamor… Once training was held with 15-20 people, which doesn’t mean that all population is informed…There are trainings at school, which are not sufficient, while wide ranges of society in the region shall be informed about it…” the locals said.

What about shelters, which are also laid down in the same resolution of the Armenian Government, the locals mentioned there are no normal shelters in their residential areas. Basements can server as shelters, but they have turned into either garbage dumping sites or have been privatized.

The people residing in a distance of 5 km from the ANPP will be warned about the accident through 'Radiation Hazard' signal given by the ANPP. This signall shall be an instruction for the residents to apply individual protection means, drinking iodide preparations and going to shelters.

12:14 November 28, 2016


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